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Riding Simulator

Meet Lloyd…. Our Racewood riding simulator now available for lessons.

There are many benefits for riding a simulator. Whether you are a complete beginner lacking confidence or an established rider with a desire to improve your riding, a simulator can be a valuable tool for your learning.

Lloyd can be controlled by the rider using the pressure sensors in his body and head or can be remotely controlled by the instructor on the ground.


With the right coaching, Lloyd will help you learn the skills needed to improve your balance, feel and ultimately become more secure in the saddle.  This in turn makes the aids you use on your horse much clearer.

As our simulator is linked with the riding school it is possible to take your lesson from the mechanical horse and apply it on one of our fantastic school horses.  Please enquire about a double session.

Other benefits for having lessons on Lloyd-

  • Work with our experienced instructor to perfect your body position, posture and contacts in a safe, predictable environment with mirrors.

  • Encourages riders to relax the spine and pelvis and develop good posture and allows riders to experience a horse’s movement without the worry of falling off or the need to keep the horse going forward.

  • Can work alongside regular lessons to gain a different perspective and develop more feel.

  • An excellent way to learn the basics before riding a real horse.

  • Provides a predictable platform to try new techniques in walk, trot and canter and practice transitions from one gait to another.

  • Increase confidence in any areas that may need working on.

  • Target and work on specific muscle groups to improve rider fitness and strength.

  • Helps nervous riders gain or regain confidence on a horse

  • Recover from injury using safe, measured steps.


Suitable for adults and children.

15 Stone weight limit

Lessons must be paid for at time of booking & we operate a strict 24hr cancellation policy

Hats and the correct footwear must be worn

We operate a strict 24Hr Notice cancellation policy and require payment at time of booking.  Please see our Booking and Cancellation Policy here.

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